April 1, 2022

Fujitsu General Limited


Fujitsu General to Convert the Entire Group's Electricity Use to 100% Renewable Energy*1

Carbon neutrality has also been accelerated, to be achieved by FY2025

As part of its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Fujitsu General Group has converted electricity used in its business activities to 100% renewable energy as of April 1, 2022. As a result, the Group will completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions produced by electricity use at all of their sites*2 worldwide.

The Group places business expansion through contributions to the realization of a sustainable society at the core of its growth strategy, and is promoting "Sustainable Management" based on the three pillars of "harmonious coexistence with our planet," "social contribution," and "care for employees."

By converting electricity to 100% renewable energy three years earlier than originally planned, the Fujitsu General Group has moved up the target year for achieving carbon neutrality from FY2030 to FY2025. In the future, with respect to fuels other than electricity, the Group will also gradually switch to renewable energy sources and will make steady progress toward achieving this goal.

[Comment from President, Representative Director, CEO and CSO*3 Etsuro Saito]

The Fujitsu General Group will contribute to the SDGs (1) by promoting the replacement of fossil fuel appliances with heat pumps, devices that are highly effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, (2) by developing devices with high energy-saving performance to realize a low-carbon society, and (3) by creating a safe and secure society through our firefighting and disaster prevention businesses. In addition to these contributions to our core business, we believe that we should facilitate decarbonization of our own business activities as soon as possible. We will accelerate our efforts to achieve our ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025, the aim to be accomplished by converting our electric power generation to renewable energy sources.

In order to create a future in which customers and their children can lead happy and safe lives in a prosperous society, Fujitsu General will promote sustainable management, while at the same time putting its corporate philosophy of "Living together for our future" into practice and implementing its growth strategies.

Left image: Panoramic view of "Hamamatsu Plant," a symbolic environmental site (Solar panels installed at Fuji Eco Cycle located at the plant (Upper) and Biotope (Lower left)), Right image: R&D center in Thailand (Solar panels installed for self-consumption)


Renewable energy ratio 100%.
Excluding some rental properties.
CSO: Chief Sustainability Officer

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Panoramic view of "Hamamatsu Plant," a symbolic environmental site (JPG: 1657KB)

R&D center in Thailand (PNG: 1625KB)

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